James Cameron's 'AVATAR' First Set Pic

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with a photo from the set of James Cameron's 'Avatar'. The Set pic comes from Marketsaw Real D. This is going to be a movie that I am very much looking forward to seeing. It looks like James Cameron is going to change the technology of filmmaking forever with this new film 'Avatar'. Check it out below:

Here are a few things that are pointed out in the photo that you may find interesting. So it you are interested in the details check it out:


  • Through the far curtained wall you can make out what seems to be an alien "tree", but it only slightly resembles what our sources had discovered outside of the LA callback location set back in April. Note that it is all stark white (Not Tony Stark Hot Rod Red!) - a placeholder for CGI for the director/actors to reference?

  • Of course tons of cameras and equipment. Can you make out very small cameras along the top right framework?

  • What the hell is that dude holding at J-4? A prop for a creature, plantlife or what?

  • You can just about make out the image on the large monitor on the right wall.

  • I can make out what SEEMS to be some sort of flying creature prop in the back beside A-5

  • The motion capture suits that MarketSaw exclusively uncovered for you here and here again back in April are pictured at work here. Look at the location of what seems to be tails in red (on one of the horses as well as the mo-cap actor on that same horse - on his back? This actor seems to be wearing a different suit - a different species?) and the Na'vi hair in red and blue on all the other mo-cap actors. What a cool luminescence on those mo-cap suit reference points! They are not powered either - they were glowing like that while hanging in wardrobe.

  • Some MDF rocks and boulders along the left side. Their massive sets used a great deal of MDF in Wellington, New Zealand.


What do you think is on this Monitor?

Looks like a Alien or Creature in the top right corner. Hair flowing behind the head? You can see what seems to be plantlife to the left of the image. And perhaps Pandora's landscape in the background?


I am so excited to see this movie. It is amazing how Cameron has been able to keep the details underwrap for so long. These photos don't even give us really an idea of what we are going to see in the finished product. But, it is somthing. I am sure 'Avatar' is just going to blow us all away.

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