Will 'Eagle Eye' director DJ Caruso be the man to Take on THOR?

by Joey Paur

It looks like the director of 'Eagle Eye' and 'Disturbia' has had his eye on Marvel's big screen adaption of 'Thor'. As you may or may not know Matthew Vaughn was attached to direct before the success of 'Iron Man' but for one reason or another it didn't work out.

I am very interested to see who Marvel will bring in to direct both 'Captain America' and 'Thor'  These are two films we are all looking forward to and they need to bring in directors with vision and talent.

IESB and DJ Caruso talk about Thor in a recent interview. 


IESB: Would you tackle a D.C. or Marvel property and if you would, and I mean traditional man-in-tights superhero movie and if you did which movie would you like to do?

DJ Caruso: You know...I would definitely tackle it and I sort of wrestled with it before and I was always a fan of Thor growing up as a kid. I know that they [Marvel] have a script, but there's something, there's a fear I have about Thor and depending on what Thor story you want to tell, whether you want to bring Thor into the modern world or if you want to go back to Asgard and get the history of what's happening between him and his brother and dad. That's one I've always been interested in and it also would be, it would be a monumental task so, I could definitely see myself getting myself into that.

I have to say I like that aspect of the story myself. I really do not want to see 'Thor' in modern times. Not yet, not in the first movie anyway. They will eventually have to so he can fight with The Avengers. I like the idea of keeping at least the first movie in Asgard. So he has a vision of where to take Thor. So how close is he to directing?

IESB: Have there been any talks with Marvel?

DJ Caruso: I have had some talks with Marvel about it but I have not seen a screenplay. It could be something that I am interested in.

So he has been talking with Marvel... thats a start. I think DJ Caruso could do it. Thor is a huge project compared to the other films he has done, but it was the same with Jon Favreau before he did Iron Man. Caruso has a strong sense of story telling, I liked 'Disturbia', and 'Eagle Eye' looks like it is going to be great. I also like the direction he would like to take Thor. 

We have to keep in mind that Marvel is not going to bring in any high profile directors to to direct Thor. So we should keep an open mind to some of these other directors like DJ Caruso. Even if it ends up not being Caruso, it is going to be being someone else.

What do you think? Is DJ Caruso a good choice to direct Thor? If not who would you like to see direct it?


Venkman Out!


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