Scream 4 Movie Update

by Joey Paur

It has been awhile since rumors about a fourth Scream movie have hit the web. We talked about it a little bit if you want to take a trip back in time to read them, click here and here. I love the scream movies, and I think they are the last great classic horror films. There have been other horror movies that have come and gone, but none of them have really made an impact or are even memorable. It has been a long time since I have seen a good horror movie. If I think real hard besides 'Scream' the only other movie that pops in my head is 'Session 9'. Everything else is pretty forgetful. If I am missing something please let me know. So it seems like the 'Scream 4' project is really moving forward, which is pretty cool, IF they make it right! Bloody-disgusting got the low down:

Fact #1: Kevin Williamson (writer of two of the SCREAM films (character credit on third)) is going to start writing a draft, although it may or may not become the shooting script (which is typical).

Thats good.

Fact #2: Wes Craven may or may not direct, but there is a very good possibility that he will return.

I really hope he ends up directing it, to be successful it will need his stamp.

Fact #3: They are making financial offers to David Arquette, Courtney Cox Arquette and Neve Campbell to play cameos.

Ok, Awesome. It would not be a scream film without them, but only as Cameos? It is starting to loose my interest.

Fact #4: This will be a younger version of the SCREAM movies.

That's where it lost me. What the hell does that mean? Will the story revolve around little kids or something? Most likely teenagers like with the first movie.

I know for a fact, that this fourth scream movie wont be as good as the first three. So. What are your thoughts?