The Dark Knight 8-bit Nintendo Video Game

by Joey Paur

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. it is a total flash back that takes me back 20 years. Wow, that make me feel old. I am a product of the Nintendo/Sega revolution. These are what would get me hooked on video games for the rest of my life. I remember of of my favorite Movie video games back in the day was 'The Karate Kid' I did alright with that one. The hardest movie video game on the NES had to be that damn frustrating 'Ghostbusters' one. I never beat it. I even tried playing it recently on a original Nintendo system that I bought on e-bay, but it was even harder than I remember! So if 'The Dark Knight' was made back in the day it is a game that I would have owned.

This was created by El Macbee and its got the retro animation, and the classic cut scenes with 80's style flash effects. The one thing they don't show is what the game play would like like, thats what i want to see.

Source: /Gamer

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