Wolverine Movie is getting reshoots

by Joey Paur

I told you something was wrong with FOX's new 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' movie. I guess FOX knew they had problems but didn't want to fork over the cash to fix it, but now that they are getting a dumptruck full of extra money from Warner Bros off of that awesome 'Watchmen' movie that they called a piece of shit, they can afford to put in a few more bucks to re-shoot some things that they are not happy with. To me re-shoots mean things aren't going well with the production. As you know I have had my fair share of rants about this movie, like how Tom Rothman wanted to brighten things up without telling the director, and also for the fact we have pretty much seen nothing on the character Deadpool because they don't want to let the fans know how they have changed the character for the worse. I really want this movie to be great, but I'm not fealing it right now. I don't think the movie will be any worse than X-Men 3. It should be better because it has a much better director who is Gavin Hood. My whole rant is that FOX executives have taken the liberty to screw things up and change up one of the most fun characters in the Marvel Universe. You know what though, I will still see the movie and hope for the best. What do you all think?

Thanks to aintitcoolnews for the update. I am bringing you this article via my iPhone and can't link the source at this time.

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