Sundance Film Festival: Day 1

by Joey Paur

Well, yesterday was our first day at Sundance Film Festival, I am going to make a confession: The Dude and I are Sundance Film Festival virgins and this being our first time we didn't really know what the heoll we were doing. We were riding buses in circles, and trying to catch movie screenings.

Our first stop was an animated short film series which was really freakily great. One of the shorts 'I am so Proud of you' which The Dude reviewed was pretty incredible. I laughed myself to tears.

After that we headed on over to the pub to meet up with some other movie geek giants such as /,, and We hung out a little bit then all headed over to the press screening for a quarky bromance film called 'Humpday' which was very awkwardly funny. The Dude wrote up a great review for that film. After the film we parted ways with our movie geek friends and headed back to the lair to catch up on the news for the day.

It was a pretty successful day for getting a late start, but at least GeekTyrant was fashionably late. We will keep you all updated as news and Internet connection come available.

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