Sundance Review: BROOKLYN'S FINEST - A

by thedude

One thing you need to know about me is that I love cop movies, and "Brooklyn's Finest" is one hell of a hard core cop film. I'm not sure if I have seen anythng quite like it before. Yeah, it's got the whole good cop bad cop thing going, but it goes deeper than that. There are a lot of characters in this movie, and the cool thing is you get to know them all. There is not a character in this film that gets lost in the madness that unravels. They all have a solid story and resolution.

The movie tells three different stories of four Brooklyn cops, but the movie doesn't play out in a way where all of their lives connect at the end like in the film "Crash". Each story is separate and individual. However, they do end up in the same location at the end of the film.

I loved how rich the characters were in this movie, and the actors in the film portraying those characters were incredible. Every one of the cast members in this thing brought it all to the roles they played. Richard Gere as Eddie was great. I think it's one of the best acting he has done in a long ass time. On top of that the character he played was different from anything I have seen him play before, a pathetic retiring cop who has seven days left on the job. Don Cheadle plays Tango who is an undercover cop who is deep in the drug underworld helping to bring down the bad guys, but the decisions he has to make get really tough when pressed by his superiors to do some things that will allow him to be promoted. Ethan Hawke plays Sal who is a family man under a great deal of pressure as his family grows and his need to get a new house becomes desperate. Wesley Snipes who I have not seen in a movie for awhile now plays Caz, the role is small but he does a great job, maybe he has a chance of making a comeback and getting some decent roles now. Ellen Barkin is also in the film, and she plays a high ranking officer, and boy is she one hell of a bitch!

Antoine Fuqua was the diretor of this fine film, he has direted other movies such as 'Training Day' which was awesome and 'Harsch Times' which was no so awesome, but 'Brookly's Finest' may be his finet film.

This was a great movie, I would go so far as to sayit is an epi cop film. The reason I say that is because it was such a big film by the story's and the way it was shot on top of that the subject matter was just heavy. You need to be in a certain mood to watch this film because it is not light. It plays out like a Greek tragedy, and if your not in the mood to see it when it comes out, then you get in the mood! This is a movie worth seeing and I recommend it to movie geeks everywhere.

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