Ashton Kutcher film SPREAD to be bought for a million bucks?

by Joey Paur

Ok so this could be an exclusive if it all plays out the way I heard it. I was at The Yarrow Hotel trying to get the wi-fi on the computer to work when a guy with an English accent began talking on the phone. The first thing that caught my attention is when he said "Its more boring than watching two old peole f@&k." I assume he was talking about a movie, or the festival itself. So I laughed and started to listen. At that point he began talking about buying a little movie called 'Spread' that stars Ashton Kutcher. I have not seen the film yet, but I heard it was ok and has a good amount of sex and boobies. The guy didn't seem like he was too excited about it. Maybe he was trying to just be cool about it. But from what I gathered the people who represent the film are asking for one million dollars, and he told the person on the other end of the line that he planned on making an offer to buy it for the amount they are asking for. It was like he just wanted to buy it just to buy it like it was no big deal. It was really interesting to listen to this guy talk about buying a film. So I just listened and learned. So if this all plays out the way I heard it then that would be pretty cool. So you heard it hear first because no one else was in the hallway. Personally I would never pay a million bucks for an Ashton Kutcher movie, especially one that wasn't that good, like all of his movies. I could not gather what studio he was with though, so sorry.

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