Sundance Flim Festival: Day 2 - Embarassing Video Journals

by Joey Paur

Hey guys we have completed are 2nd full day at the Sundance Film Festival and things have been crazy. We have put together for you folks a series of little experiences we had that we have posted as short video journals. Just so you know, this is GeekTyrant raw, uncensored and incredibly geeky. We have no time edit these things so you get what you get. We are just up here having a fun time and watching as many movies as we possibly can. Since this is our first year it is pretty much a learning process as we go along because like I said before we have very limited knowledge about what we are doing. Don't expect to see anything cool or hip, it is something for you all to laugh at I guess. There are a lot of chin and up the nose shots because I am not used to the camera we are using, so sorry. You'll notice I have a freckle on my nose. Enjoy!

Video Journal #1

There is a big crowed gathering around a building and in the street so we go to investigate what is going on.


Video Journal #2

This is where we try to do something funny with that big crowd but nobody cares.


Video Journal #3

Here we are sitting in Squatters Pub ranting about our failed technology and and other randomness.

Video Journal #4

Here we take you for a short walk down Park City main street.

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