Sundance Film Festival: Day 3

by Joey Paur

I am sorry to say we did not get any video footage for you all to laugh at on our third day of The Sundance Film Festival. I know you were really looking forward to see more shots of our necks. Day 3 was a very busy day full of watching movie after movie. We did manage to work in some food time though. We started the day off watching Sam Rockwell's indie sci-fi movie 'Moon' which was actually a great film, one I would like to see Rockwell nominated for a best actor award at the Oscars. Sam Rockwell was supposed to do interviews for that but ended up not showing up for them, so that sucks. Maybe he was sick. After 'Moon' we watched a charming little fakeumentary called 'Paper Hearts' with Michael Cera and Charlym Yi. It was a nice little movie which The Dude will write up a review for soon, so look out for that one. Then we went and grabbed some lunch over at Squatters Pub with our friend Scott from After that we headed back to the theater where The Dude and I went our seperate ways to catch a couple different films. The Dude went and saw a Paul Giamatti movie called 'Cold Souls' which he thought would have been a better film. Then I went and saw a fantastic movie called '500 Days Of Summer' which was the best movie I have seen at Sumdance so far. I loved that movie and I can't wait for the chance to see it again. After that we met back up and went back to the pad to get some work done and eat some dinner. It was a great and productive day. Who would have thought that watching movies all day long could be so damn fun! I am loving this trip and having a amazing time. I can't wait for next year!

As for any experiences we had I got a story for you and why people should listen to movie geeks. There is a puddle of water turned ice that we witnessed a guy slip and fall on pretty hard. It is an embarassing thing to slip and fall in a public place, your first instinct is to look around and see if anyone saw you fall. So later on The Dude and I are walking around the ice and there is a group of people behind us so I turn around and tell them to me careful walking over the ice because we saw a guy wipe out pretty hard earlier. They made some snyde remark back to about me not being their mother or somthing. I was like whatever and as I got to the other side one of the. People slipped and fell on the ice. I don't know why people gotta be jerks and not listen to the geeks, but now maybe next time they will. That night two other people slipped on that ice that I know about. Oh yeah it was blocked off this whole time as well, but people walked though it anyway.

So there you have folks! A run down of day 3.

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