Sundance Film Review: In the Loop

by thedude

It is a well documented fact that the British are funny. I need not set fourth examples, the fact stands alone. Writer/Director Armondo Iannucci keeps this tradition live and well in his new film. In the Loop is a fast paced incredibly crafted political satire that pokes fun at the idiocracies that appear to be preailant behind political closed doors. After calling a war in the middle east "Unforseeable" on an English radio show, British Secretary of State for International Development Simon Foster (Tom Hollander) starts a chain reaction of putting himself into a series of awkward positions in which his stupidity is solicited by pro and anti war politicians looking for a fall man to further their causes. Simon spends the film traveling from Washington D.C to London sitting in on various panels and comtties trying to please angry Secretaries of State and cynical generals. Throw into the mix a few horny young interns any you've got yourself a comedy.

The shining star of this film is the razor sharp dialogue. This is a great example of solid screenwriting coupled with stellar performances by charismatic actors that comes together for a little bit of magic. Notable performances include that of Tom Hollander, who's character as Secretary Simon Foster is about the equivalant of Michael Scott in political office, and Peter Capaldi as his loud, and hilariously offensive boss Malcom Tucker. There is something about constant degredation in British slang that I could listen to all day. Of course, I would be remiss if I were to omit the performance of James Gandalfini as General Miller, a surley "no bullshit" straight talker.

No doubt you will be seeing this film at some point in the future, check it out. Definately worth your time and cash.

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