Cobra Soldiers have made their Online Debut

by Joey Paur

News is so slow these days that we will post anything we can get out hands on that might be of some interest to some people. Even if that photo is of the G.I. Joe Movie toy packaging. But it gives you a look at what Destros M.A.R.S troopers will look like.  Apparently M.A.R.S stands for Military Armaments Research Syndicate, and is most likely a front for Cobra.

Besides The Baroness, I have not liked anything that I have seen from the production of this movie. I really don't like these designs either. To me they just look ridiculous.

Here is the pic of the Cobra M.A.R.S soldiers that has hit the net recently thanks to

The packaging also says:

M.A.R.S troopers operate with supreme skill and extreme force. That says it all folks!

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