New Terminator Salvation Images

by Joey Paur

The new photo above is pretty cool.

I hope this movie ends up being good. I have really liked most of what I have seen even though McG is directing it. I still can't get on board with the motorminators.  I think Terminator Salvation will be a very successful film. Producers are already getting ready for two more sequels. They also have one of the biggest names in Hollywood playing the lead man. McG tells EW:

''It was important for me to get the most credible actor of his generation to come and add gravitas to what we were trying to achieve, I wanted to respect the audience, and be very mindful of the mythology. We take this very seriously.''

I find that funny because I think they should have got a more credible director. But, its ok, it looks like he's doing a good job so I wont bash him as much as I use to. If the movie ends up being a suck fest though I will be happy to jump right back on the McG bashing train.

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