Sundance Film Review: Mystery Team - A

by Joey Paur

‘Mystery Team’ is a geektastic movie of comedy greatness! This is one of the top Sundance films on my list that I really wanted to see, and I am so happy that I got the chance watch it, because it was great and it was the perfect way to end my trip to The  Sundance Film Festival. This film is incredibly funny, witty, a stupidly smart. This was one of my favorite movies that I have seen at Sundance. There are several reasons as to why I enjoyed the film as much as did. Some people may see it as stupid and juvenile, but if you except the movie for what it is and just let yourself fall into the world of these characters then you will be able to see the magic that I saw.

‘Mystery Team’ is about three crazy borderline retarded best friends who have run an organization known as the Mystery Team since they were seven years old.  The Mystery Team includes Jason, The master of disguise; Charlie, the strongest kid in town; and Duncan, the boy genius, who reminded me way too much of Napoleon Dynamite, its like the creative guys went out of their way to do that, and it is the one thing that bugged me while watching the film.

The movie picks up with them as 18 year old high school seniors, who have managed to not grow out of there little kid mentality, and continue to solve little kid mysteries such as: who was it that stuck their finger in the boysenberry pie? This group of amateur detectives is looking for a new case one that will test their skills and help them gain respect in the small town of Oakdale where they reside. It is during this time a little girl approaches the boys and asks them to find whoever killed her parents. Jason really wants to takes the case even though his two friends object to the fact that it is out of their league and could be dangerous. Jason talks them into it explaining that it is a real case, that can prove to everyone they are real detectives. So the team begins its investigation, which leads them deep into the belly violent adult conspiracy that will put their skills to the test, threaten their lives, and strain their friendship.

The movie was developed by a comedy group by the name of DERRICK and ‘Mystery Team’ is their first film. Before they did this they were making short sketch videos to help build a fan base. This is the kind of success story I like to hear. A group of best friends that work hard and pay their dues and ends up paying off with success. These guys put together an incredible comedy. The film was directed and edited by Dan Eckman, and was written by Donald Glover, DC Pierson, and Dominic Dierkes who also star in the movie. I think they are al great comedic actors, and did a great job in the roles they played except for the character Duncan, I just wish he wouldn’t have been so Napoleon Dynamitish, but what can ya do, it was still a good movie.

I am pretty sure this movie will get picked up by a studio, depending on which one will depend on how well the film will be marketed and if it will make it to a theater near you. This film deserves a strong campaign behind it. I’ll be disappointed if it just ends up on DVD. It has the potential to be a cult classic. I have heard people compare this film to Napoleon Dynamite, but I honestly think it is a way better movie, and much more rated R.  Keep an eye out for this one, I highly recommend it to movie geeks everywhere.

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