Sundance: IFC Breakfast with Steven Soderbergh

by Joey Paur

The Dude and I really didn't know what to expect from this little IFC Breakfast thing with Steven Soderbergh that we went to. Sure! We got some free food and they had an omelet bar which was great, because we love omelets. Soderbergh showed up after we were done eating and he came in with a few other people that I have never really heard of before. The stuff they ended up talking about though was really quite interesting. IFC films is putting together an IFC On Demand channel that they plan to use to release certain indie films while they still have strong buzz from the film festivals behind them, and give people everywhere the chance to watch it while the film is still being talked about, instead of waiting around for six months to a year for them to tour the film or wait for it to be released in a small indie film that not a lot of small cities have. By the time a film is released in the theater the buzz for the film is pretty much dead, and not many more people care about it anymore. So here are a few video clips from this meeting that I have added below where they talk about this new film distribution program they have set up. There is some pretty cool information to listen to here. Steven Soderbergh's 'Che' is one of the films that will be available on this service.


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