Judd Apatow and Bill Hader to make Slasher Movie?

by Joey Paur


I gotta be honest I never expeted Judd Apatow and Bill Hader to be involved with a slasher slim, but here we are sitting here talking about it, and comtemplating what in the hell a slasher film from these two people who are best known for making us laugh is going to turn out. CHUD recently sat down with Bill Hader at the Sundance Film Festival where he revealed that he a Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich have written a slasher movie for Judd Apatow. So what type of slasher film can we expect from these comedy guys? Bill says: 'It's partially Straw Dogs meets Halloween meets Home Alone meets Monster Squad.' Well, I'm sold on it. How can you argue with that? Hader continues: 'I don't know if it's even going to get made, Judd met with us and said "I want to do a horror movie with you. I want to see you in a slasher movie."' Bill hader must have had the most odd look on his face when Apatow approached him with that.

The movie will be a horror comedy so that makes a lot of sense, and Hader talked a little bit more about the film but didn't really go into great detail: 'It is definitely about guys nowadays, that idea that you watch fucked up shit on TV, how violence in our culture - this sounds really hoity toity - you watch fucked up reality shows, I love true crime shows. The idea of that thing coming to your house, and what do you do? I would shit my pants. That's basically what the movie is about. What if that guy decided to come to your house? What would you and your dipshit friends do about it?'

So what do you think about this potential slasher comedy film project?

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