Vinatage Watchmen Photo's and Video from The New Frontiersman

by Joey Paur

As you know the news paper that Rorschach reads The New Frontiersman has popped up online so you can read about what is going on in the world in which the 'Watchmen' exist. This is a great little viral marketing campaign they have started here. I hope they people behind it really start to take advantage of it and get some cool Watchmen history stuff out there. To give you an idea of what is going on with this I have some of the declassified photos posted below. I love the whole vintage look and the detail that they put into this stuff. My favorite is the first one of Dr Manhattan photographing Neil Armstrong on the occasion of the Apollo moon landings, July 20th 1969.

Apollo Moon Landings (1969) by The New Frontiersman.

Before you see the rest here is a 1970 edition of NBS Nightly News (anchored by NBS stalwart Ted Philips) features a special report from co-anchor Jim Sizemore looking back at ten years of Dr Manhattan.

NYPD incident report for the murder of Ursula Zandt (AKA The Silhouette) and a female companion – November 12th 1954.

NYPD incident report by The New Frontiersman.

Masked adventurer Mothman being sectioned for admittance to a mental institution in Maine - 1953.

Mothman sectioned by The New Frontiersman.

The Doomsday Clock, created in 1947. The closer the clock stands to midnight, the nearer the world is to Armageddon.

The Doomsday Clock by The New Frontiersman.

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