Stephen Sommers GI Joe movie inspired by James Bond

by Joey Paur

I like the James Bond movies just as much as the next guy, I enjoy watching them.  Back in the day 'GI Joe' and 'James Bond' had one thing in common and that was they were made into 12" action figures that kids would play with that are now worth lots and lots of money. Besides that 'James Bond' and 'GI Joe' have no real connection. Stephen Sommers recently talked to Entertainment Weekly and revealed a little bit about his upcoming 'GI Joe' movie. And how James Bond inspired him. I have not liked anything I have seen so far in this movie, at first I liked the Snake Eyes costume but then saw that it had lips on the mask? Oh, wait! Sienna Miller is in it, and shes hot, sooooo... here's what Sommors said:

"I guess the costume department gave her a tight fitting bra, but no one gave her rubber breasts or whatever. It is 100 percent Sienna Miller."

Oh wait, that was the wrong quote! Here's the one I wanted to share with you:

"I always loved the old Bonds," he says. "It's funny now how Bond wants to be Bourne. I loved Quantum of Solace, but it was like, man, this is a completely different movie to the Bonds I grew up with. In a very contemporary way, G.I. Joe is inspired by the memory of the kind of movies I saw when I was younger. I remember being in the theater for Thunderball and the big underwater battle at the end of that movie just blew my socks off. In G.I. Joe, there's an underwater battle under the polar icecap that's Thunderball times 10!"

I don't think its funny how Bond wants to be Bourne because bond doesn't even know who Bourne is. And of course the new Bond movies are different now than they were when you grew up. One thing I know for sure is I will feel the same what he felt with the Bond movies, I will think that this is a completely different GI Joe to the GI Joe cartoons I grew up with. It's good to know that Sommers is being inspired by some great movies though. A GI Joe underwater battle is just what a GI Joe movie needs. I'm fine with this because the 1980's GI Joe cartoon had a few underwater battles that were fought. Had Stephen Sommers used a GI Joe cartoon comparison I think he would have gotten a little more slack from online community, and maybe got some GI Joe hype started. I really hope he puts something great together and proves me wrong with all my terrible thoughts about how I think the movie will turn out. I can't wait to see a trailer for this film so we can finally see what we really have going on here.

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