Dr. Venkman Reviews: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

by Joey Paur

If you are a fan of the Underworld movie series like I am then ‘Rise of the Lycans' will not disappoint you. It's got everything that a kick ass Underworld movie needs. It flows with the series and has the same type of look and feel, expect for the fact that this film is a prequel and it does not star Kate Beckinsale which sucks. But, at the same time Rhona Mitra as Sonja was a great choice to fill the role of a hot vampire.

‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans' is a prequel story that allows us to see the origin of the vampire and Lycan feud. This is a feud that is centuries old when vampires were aristocrats and Lycans were slaves. It tells the story of one Lycan impiticular by the name of Lucian who was the first hybrid human werewolf. Through adversity Lucian emerges as a powerful leader among the Lycans and pumps them all up to rise against the cruel vampire king Viktor who is the one that had enslaved the Lycans and treated them like animals even though technically they are. With the help of his secret vampire lover Sonja, who also happens to be the daughter of Viktor, Lucian leads a battle against the vampires to win the freedom of his Lycan brothers.

In terms of action and special effects it was really fun. There was plenty of action and gushing bloodshed to keep the movie enjoyable. Its always fun to watch vampires and werewolves fight it out to the bloody death. I thought some of the fight scenes could have been done better for the fact that they sliced it up in editing way to much and I didn't get the sense of what the fight scenes consisted of choreography wise. There were a few pretty cool shots though. The special effects were low budget, but they developed it in a way that fit the world that has been created, and the effects worked just fine.

The acting was good for this type of movie, you really can't go wrong with the cast either. Michael Sheen as Lucian, Bill Nighy as Viktor, and Rhona Mitra as Sonja. All of these cast members are incredibly talented actors and they did the best they could with the material they were given to work with. In the end you know they had a hell of a fun time making this movie.

There are a few things that the creative team could have done better to make this movie totally awesome like add in some longer fight scenes without all the crazy editing, but they probably did that to hide the bad fight choreography. 

‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans' is a fast paced action packed movie that should please anyone that like the first two Underworld films. If you have not seen the first two movies then it is a great way to start watching the series.



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