First look of 'I SELL THE DEAD' with Trailer

by Joey Paur

I have no idea where in the hell this movie came from but 'I sell the Dead' looks pretty damn amazing. It is a horror/comedy film that won two awards at Slamdance one for Best Cinematography and a Special Jury Mention for Larry Fessesden’s performance in the film. The movie was written and directed by first timer Glenn McQuiad, and it looks like he did a helluva job. You can see a lot of inspiration from some classic cult horror films being used to help develop such a fun looking movie. The cast for this film is pretty freakin great as well! You got Ron Perlman, Dominic Monaghan, Larry Fessenden and Angus Scrimm, the tall man from Phantasm. A shout out to our friends at We Are Movie Geeks for finding this little gem.

Here is the official story summary from the official site:

18th century justice has finally caught up to grave robbers Arthur Blake and Willie Grimes. With the specter of the guillotine looming over him, young Blake confides in visiting clergyman Father Duffy, recounting fifteen years of adventure in the resurrection trade. His tale leads from humble beginnings as a young boy stealing trinkets from corpses, to a partnership with seasoned ghoul Willie Grimes as they hunt creatures unwilling to accept their place in the ground. The colorful and peculiar history of Grimes and Blake is one filled with adventure, horror, and vicious rivalries that threaten to put all involved in the very graves they’re trying to pilfer.

I am really looking forward to watching this movie, I hope it makes it to the big screen, but it will most likely end up going strait to DVD, which would be a shame. I love movies like this, they are just cool movies to watch. If the studio markets this movie right they could get this film a huge cult following, there is a big audience out there that are waiting for that next 'Evil Dead' type horror comedy hit, and this looks like it has that potential.  Check out the trailer for the movie below!

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