Futuristic Bible Story Samson and Delilah Movie

by Joey Paur


Are Bible stories set in the future going to be the new thing for Hollywood? I guess it all depends on if this futeristic Samson and Delilah movie that Warner Bros. aquired for a seven figure pay out pays off. Scott Silver is going to write the script he also wrote '8 Mile' and 'The Fighter'. Francis Lawrence is set to direct the last film he made was 'I Am Legend'.  The trades report:

WB prevailed in a three-studio bidding battle. The seven-figure deal comes despite a sluggish year so far for deals on material. Aside from a strong writer and director, the project sparked bidding because it had a big idea that can be shaped into a tentpole project in which the concept is the star.

"Samson" gives a futuristic twist to the story of the biblical strongman who was invincible until he was betrayed by Delilah, to whom he entrusted the secret that his strength came from his long hair.

Yeah well, he should never have entrusted Delilah because she ends up betraying him and cutting off his long hair which causes him to lose his mighty strength. Honestly I don't see what the big deal is. Everyone jumped on this for the concept, the concept being a bible story set in the future. Is this the new brilliant idea that has sruck Hollywood? Even though it is not really a new concept at all. If anyone wants to get a seven figure film deal there are tons of Bible Stories that can be set in the future!