Review: Sam Raimi's 'DRAG ME TO HELL'

by Joey Paur

When I heard Sam Raimi was going back to his roots to make a new horror film called ‘Drag me To Hell' I couldn't wait to see what exactly he had in store for us. At Comic-Con last year he showed us a short clip from the movie, which sealed the deal for me that this movie was going to be nothing less than a great horror film. It has been a long time since we have seen a horror movie directed by Sam Raimi, and I gotta tell you I loved it! He brought it and he brought it hard! Raimi has still got the skills and he made one of the best freakin' horror films I have seen in years! It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

I was kind of disappointed when they told us this movie will most likely be rated PG-13 and I thought I was going to get some watered down horror film, but it wasn't! For a PG-13 movie it was pretty hardcore and in your face disgusting. There are images in this film that made me gag, and groan, at the same time it had me gleefully laughing with Raimi's classic sense of humor.

The movie is about a young loan officer named Christine (Alison Lohman) who comes at a crossroad in her life. An old woman comes to her and begs for her to let her keep her home. Christine has the choice and the power to give the old woman an extension and keep her home or let the bank evict the old woman. Christine is aspiring to get a promotion and she doesn't want to show any weakness, so she chooses to evict the old woman. This was the worst decision of her life! The old woman places a curse on Christine, and her life becomes a living hell, putting a strain on her job and her relationship with Clay (Justin Long). While this evil being from hell pushes Christine to her breaking point she turns to a psychic and seer to help rid her soul of this demon.

There is a scene I want to talk about that was actually showed at comic-con which is why it is the one scene I will discuss. But it encompasses the whole feel of what the audience is getting into when they see this movie. The scene involves an old gypsy woman and the main character Christine that get in a crazy ass freaky fight in a parking garage. As the struggle escalates from whacking staples into a old woman's face to the old woman having her face smashed on the car dashboard busting the dentures right out of her mouth, the old woman proceeds to attack Christine by trying to bite her face with her incredibly nasty toothless mouth. Yes, you have to see this movie!

I loved the concept of 'Drag me to Hell' and the tools that Raimi used to pull it off. I admit I jumped a couple times in this movie and I never jump. I love how he uses his signature camera technique to tell his story and scare the crap out of people. The sound effects and music that is used, bring this evil to life in a big frighting way, and it blends together brilliantly. And when he does bring the evil to the screen he does it with disgusting class. Raimi has still got it! He knows how to make a great horror film, and I want to see more of them from him!

As far as acting goes Alison Lohman was a perfect fit for the role of Christine, she did a fine job. Justin Long also was good in the movie, there was nothing really to the role he played it was pretty strait forward. The old woman was played by Lorna Raver and she was pretty damn scary.

If you are fans of Sam Raimi's old horror movies then you are going to love the hell out of ‘Drag me To Hell'. This is Raimi at his best. If you are a horror film fan in general then this is a movie most of you will really enjoy because this is classic old school horror.

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