Sundance Film 'Mystery Team' Still has not been picked up!?

by Joey Paur

What in the hell is this crap!? There are all these indie films getting picked up at Sundance, but one of the best and most marketable films has yet to get bought by a distributor. I thought for sure the studios would be jumping all over this thing because of Sundance mega hits like 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Mystery Team was one of the best films up at Sundance and one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. It was way better than 'Napoleon Dynamite'!

'Mystery Team' was a film created by 5 best friends that have established a comedy group by the name of Derrick, which in itself has a decent following. Sure, It has no big bankable stars... yet. The whole reason for The Sundance Film Festival is to find the next big thing! And the Derrick Sketch Comedy Group is the next big thing! 'Mystery Team' proves they have the skills, talent, and funny bone to make one hell of a good comedy!

The movie could not have been that much to put together it was shot on the new digital RED Camera, and the entire cast donated their entire salaries right back into the production. The production quality is great and it doesn't look low budget at all! On top of that the comedic story can appeal to several different types of target markets. There is a lot of love, talent, and sacrifice that went into the making of this awesomely fun movie. Someone reward them for their awesomeness!

It would be a down right utter shame for this movie to go strait to DVD. This movie deserves to hit the big screen for everyone to see. I have posted reviews for the film from other movie blogs below that loved the film just as much as I did.

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Hey Hollywood! There is a great movie here and It will make some good money if someone picks it up and markets the shit out of it. 'Mystery Team' could be big hit so I don't understand why the studios are shying away from it! Someone grow some balls and buy this movie!

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