More Vintage Watchmen photos from Vietnam

by Joey Paur

This is the third article we have posted on 'Watchmen' today. But I think this is the coolest Watchmen news of the day. These are 1970's vintage photos from Vietnam that include Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian. These first two photos come courtesy of The New Frontiersman, go there to check out more Watchmen photos and old newspaper clippings and government documents.

Dr Manhattan photographed on day one of Operation Wrath of God (June 15 1970) © Alain Guillon

A photograph of extra-normal government operative The Comedian in Vietnam in 1970 (exact date and location unknown) © Alain Guillon

And received the following Photograph of the Viet Cong troops bowing down before Dr. Manhattan in the process of surrendering (photo taken June 21, 1970) and the following statement.

With the war in Vietnam over and America victorious, the gaze of The New Frontiersman turns to the home front. As a triumphant President Nixon looks to extend his political career beyond the constitutional limit of two four-year terms, The New Frontiersman is set to release articles, documents and footage leading up to the legislation that changed the face of America.

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