Seth Rogen's GREEN HORNET is still on

by Joey Paur

A couple days ago we told you about a rumor that hit the internet that Seth Rogan's 'Green Hornet' project was having problems and may end up not getting made. I hoped that this was just a rumor and holds no truth and it seems like that is all it was. Rogan contacted the the people that started this rumor over at HitFix and told them that Sony still has every intention of going through  with the movie. When Stephen Chow left the project as a director, people did start to loose confidence in it, and people we're questioning whether it would get canned or not. But Set Rogan still has full confidence in 'The Green Hornet' and that it is still moving forward as planned.

Rogan told NetFix:

"[The studio heads] have every intention on making it, and assuming we're able to hire a new director in the upcoming weeks, which seems like a distinct possibility, it should still hit the release date,"

Rogan is starring in the film, co-writing it, is a producer on it, Rogan and has lost weight and bulked up to kick ass in it. I don't think Rogan is going to let this one slip through his fingers, and if he has to, he will fight for it. Sony has already slapped together a logo with a release date of June 25th 2010, which is my birthday by the way.

So it looks like everything is good. Stephen Chow as far as i know is still attached to play Kato and Sony is moving forward with it. We should find out who the new director will be any day now.

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