"THE THING" prequel just got a writer and director

by Joey Paur

Ok, there was a point where rumors started swirling around that John Carpenters "The Thing" was going to get a remake treatment, then things got interesting when we we found out hat the new Thing film would be a prequel that will tell the story of the events in space that occurred before the ship crashed on earth taking the audience right up to the point where John carpenters film starts. I thought this was a great idea. But it sounds like the story has changed, and I will get to that in a minute. 

Matthijs Van Heijningen will be directing the movie. He has directed some commercials for Toyota, Pepsi, Heinekein, Bud Light, and Visa. He is also developing a Zombie movie at Warner Bros. with Zack Snyder called "Army of the Dead".

For me the icing on the cake is the guy they have brought in to write this "Thing" prequel. Ron Moore, who is executive producer for one of the best shows on TV "Battlestar Galactica". Here is a guy that will be able to bring us fanboys something great!

As far as the story for the prequel goes Variety reports:


New project borrows heavily from the John W. Campbell Jr. short story "Who Goes There," the basis of the Carpenter film and 1951 Howard Hawks original "The Thing From Another World."

It is set in a Norwegian camp and chronicles how the shape-shifting alien was first discovered and overcame the inhabitants of that camp. Strike Entertainment's Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are producing. David Foster will be exec producer.

I gotta say I am getting excited for this one. Ron Moore sealed the deal for me.


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