World War Z Concept Art 'The Battle of Yonkers'

by Joey Paur

Hey Gang, I got some a cool picture to show you! This is tryout concept art for the movie adaptation of the epic Zombie book 'World War Z'. The artists name is Daniel LuVisi and the guy did an amazing job capturing 'The Battle of Yonkers'. This piece is full of pretty incredible detail. This is not official artwork for the movie yet, the artist did this piece to help get him a place in the production of the movie. The artist says:

This is the image I did, to get on the film World War Z with Marc Forster, director of Quantum of Solace. Can't say whats going on or what the outcome is right now, but it's not in the negative zone :)

This was one of the most difficult images I've ever done. Incredibly challenging to the point where I wanted to quit. But through thick and thin I forced myself to complete it.

Above you will find the full art piece, and below that are parts of the piece blown up. Thanks to our friends at /film who pointed this out and to I09 where the images originated from. Below the pics is a little Q & A with the artist.

What can you tell us about this piece "The Battle Of Yonkers"?

What can't I tell of it? Let's start with the book, my girlfriend's sister was reading World War Z one day, and I asked what it was. She told me, sounded cool, but I never put too much interest into it. Few months passed, read it...and just instantly fell in love with it. Max Brook's take on Yonkers literally blew my mind. I'm a huge action fan and military nut (don't support the wars, but love technology and design) and I just creamed when I read those pages. Instantly, I saw the whole battle in my head. Then my manager told me he had a connection with Forster and we could potentially get some work in front of him.

Right there my eyes shot open and I knew I had to do it. So I sketched out my idea and started working. Two hours into it, I knew I was in deep waters and felt as if I couldn't finish it. Way too many characters (Sorry for the ones who expected me to draw every single marine!) and just so much chaos, it just intimidated me. Thankfully for two awesome friends, a very supporting girlfriend, a German manager and my cat's undying company I just worked my heart off. And hopefully it shows. As for whats going on with the movie and myself? I've heard back recently, but I can't disclose any information at this time as I feel it is not my place. Yet. :)

What are the little bits and pieces that people might miss (there's so much amazing work going on inside the piece)?

The camera man is my friend Reid Southen, he's a great young artist that you can check out at Much potetional.

I wrote WAINO, the last name of the character who explains the battle on the main MARINE's helmet. (I know, he's in a Humvee half the time)

If you look closely, you'll see a little homage to Shaun of the Dead's zombies.

Quantum of Solace is advertised on the billboard in the right corner.

A lot of the marines are left handed. I don't know why I do this, I'm a right handed artist..but it's some weird habit.

That's about it, there's other things..but I'd rather you guys look for them!

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