Zack Snyder Cast his Son as Young Rorschach in Watchmen

by Joey Paur

As I was reading 'Watchmen' yet again the other day I was reading through the dark history of Rorschach and the crap he had to endure as a young child. One of the most gut wrenching scenes in the novel takes place during a Rorschach flashback, which involves his abusive prostitute mother. I wondered what type of kid they would cast to take on such a heavy role for a child, and according to Zack Snyder he ended up casting his 11 year old son Eli Snyder to play that role. He recently talked to Nylon Guys magazine and says the following regarding the casting decision:

My son was in 300, too, as the young Leonidus-he fights the dad, and then he punches a kid in the face. [Laughs] I feel like he's together enough actually, that he can handle [the Watchmen role]. I didn't try to get to deep into it. Though there is a woman yelling at him, "I should've had that abortion!" [Giggles]

I wonder if he lightened up the scene a little bit because he does say he didn't try to get deep into it, whatever that means. The back flash is pretty crazy, and I can imagine how awkward it would be to direct your own kid in such a dark atmosphere.

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