Aronofsky talks about his ROBOCOP Reboot

by Joey Paur

Fresh off the success of 'The Wrestler' Director Darren Aronofsky is getting his 'Robocop' movie ready for production. Here is a director that has proved he has an stunning visual imagination, a good sense of story telling, and can get incredible performances out of his actors. This 'Robocop' reboot will most likely end up being pretty incredible. MTV caught up with Aronofsky on the red carpet of The Golden Globes and asked him about the film:

“The thing that’s exciting for a filmmaker like me about [“RoboCop”] is that it’s not as iconic as some of the other titles out there, so there’s room to do stuff with it, It had incredible insight into the future, and it’s still hilarious,”

I never thought about that before. Is 'Robocop' really an Iconic movie? I am sure there are people that will disagree with Aronofsky's statement. It's a great movie, and I loved it's crazy over the top violence and acting, and it pushed the boundaries for films in the 80's. I guess I would agree with him to an extent, it is iconic, but like he said, not as iconic as some other movies out there. He goes on to say:

“The world has so changed—how much every one of us is somewhat of a cyborg at this point with cell phones hanging out of us, with implants of all different types. I think there’s a lot of really timely ideas in it. If it comes together, it’ll be great, but who knows?”

If it comes together? There must be a possibility that it wont happen. I guess these days any movie could fall through at any time this early in production. If Aronofsky really wants it though, I think he has the power to make it happen. As for a possible cameo by original star Peter Weller.

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll show as much respect to the fans as I can.”

So there it is. I think Aronofsky is on his way to becoming one of Hollywood's next great directors. What do you think?

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