Robert Rodriguez rebooting "PREDATOR"?

by Joey Paur

Ok everybody just calm the freak down! I have read three articles so far with a "holy shit" involved. Some people are probably giddy with geeky excitement then there are those that are cursing with fanboy rage. Where do i stand on the matter? I think The Predator could use a good movie. Those Alien Vs. Predator crap movies did more harm than good for these bad-ass hunter aliens, even the direct sequel to 'Predator' sucked. I for one would like to see another good 'Predator' flick.

This is all just a big rumor for now, but it started over at bloody-disgusting when a "reliable source" dropped them a line that revealed Robert Rodriguez and his Troublemaker Studios will be producing the next "Predator" movie for 20th Century Fox. Now the pitch being sent around Hollywood is that there will be more than one Predator:

"In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."

Like I said this is a rumor and a long shot. Rodriguez has a good amount of projects he is already working on such as Sin City 2 and 3, a film called Shorts, Red Sonja, and Nerveraker which I can't find any information on but apparently he is directing it. So take this all with a grain of salt.

In the mean time would you want to see a new predator film?

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