THE FLASH movie gets a Writer

by Joey Paur

We all know the 'The Flash' is one of those superheros over at Warner Bros and DC films that was going to end up getting his own movie, well IESB got the scoop on who will be writing the script for that film. His name is Dan Mazeau and the only script he has connected to his name is 'Jonny Quest' but apparently the exec's over at WB like the script so much that they want to give him a shot at writing 'The Flash'. IESB talked to producer Chuck Roven about it, and here is what he had to say:

IESB: How does Dan Mazau’s new draft of The Flash compare to previous drafts developed in the past?

Chuck Roven: You know, the problem... It’s not only a problem, I can’t really give you any information about The Flash. I can’t even confirm that Dan is on it. What I’m saying is, probably for about the last six months or so, the decision was made to really kind of, unless there was a DC character project that was ready to be green lit, to just not talk about it. So there’s nothing really that I can talk about at the moment.

IESB: I’m excited about that project myself. I know it will likely be quite different, but I loved the ‘90s TV series.

CR: I was always a big fan of the comics. I was around for… Gosh, this is embarrassing, you know, the last two Flashes. The Flash that was the policeman and Kid Flash, Wally, and his uncle. Those are the two Flashes that I grew with, so I was excited to have the opportunity to try and see if I could actually translate those characters to the screen.

So nothing is really confirmed by the producer at all, he is just beating around the bush. But, IESB says they double checked with multiple sources, and that they are 100% positive about their intel. It's way to early to get excited for this movie especially with no one interesting really attached to it yet.

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