Review: TAKEN is a must see movie!

by Joey Paur

Wow! ‘Taken’ was completely off the wall and astounding! You’ve seen the trailer and you know how incredible that makes the movie look, well the whole movie is everything the trailer makes it out to be, an extremely intense action film where Liam Neeson plays the ultimate badass! I enjoyed this movie more than I enjoyed ‘James Bond Quantum of Solace’. This movie, as over the top as it may seem, was more real for me and way more powerful. Maybe it is because I have daughters of my own and would do anything for them, if they were in trouble. This is a movie where you can really feel the intensity of the story, and it puts the audience on the edge of their seat as soon as the shit hits the fan.

Once you get to know the characters and the movie really takes off, it doesn’t let up. This movie pushes the audience to the limits. I swear there were points in the movie where everyone in the theater was holding their breath, just to let out a sigh of relief followed by applause and cheers. It was really quite a fun movie going experience.

The movie is about an ex-government special operations spy named Bryan Mills whose daughter Kim goes to travel Europe with a friend. While in Europe she is kidnapped and forced into the slave trade. Bryan becomes a calm and furious warrior fully relying on his massive skills who will stop at nothing to hunt down and devastate those that are responsible for his daughters kidnapping and to get his daughter back.

Liam Neeson is incredible in ‘Taken’! The guy is already a fantastic actor but to have him play a character like Bryan is brilliant! This is Neeson like you have never seen him before, the guy gives such an intense and powerful performance. It is fun watching him go through the process of taking out people while he is looking for his daughter, the character is ruthless and does not hold back. He is calm, fast, and deadly.

The movie was directed by Pierre Morel who did a fantastic job putting this action thriller together. Everything was done just right for this kind of movie and he was able to really get the audience involved with the action. I am looking forward to the next movie he ends up developing. He has some mad directing skills.

This is a movie where you are truly rooting for the good guy. ‘Taken’ is a highly intense and emotional journey. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. There is no way you will not enjoy this movie.

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