Sundance 2009; You're in the Driver's Seat

by thedude

Salt Lake City -- Fans of the Sundance Film Festival say they have taken advantage of the Utah event's new sales method to buy some of the first tickets offered.

Yessiree Bob-o. It is official. Through much cheatery, trickery, fibbery, lost pridery, and a little luck...ery.. the good Dr. Venkman and myself have gained access to Sundance and will be your eyes and ears at this year's festival. The only drawback is this: we are neither smrt nor clever. Or good looking. And Venkman has this weird lazy eye that tends to freak people out. Anyway, that being said, we were really hoping to do what we always do, and that is to listen to what other people have to say and then claim the ideas as our own. Rant back to us. Who do you want to hear from? What do you want to know? The clock is ticking and the flood gates are open. We will ask anything, to anyone (that won't punch us in the face). Just consider us your little brother who desparately wants to hang out with you and your friends and would do anything for your approval. Because in reality, thats not far from the truth.


The Dude, Abiding

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