Judge will determine if WATCHMEN is released 3/6/09 or not

by Joey Paur

The decision to let the Judge decide whether or not 'Watchmen' will be released on March 6th was agreed to by both Warner bros and FOX. Yes they actually agreed on something, so all is not lost. The reason they have laid the fate of the films release in the hands of Judge Feess is because the jury trial would have left the movies release in limbo for an undetermined amount of time. This way we will get a flat out decision from the judge on when the film will be released. January 20th is the date the judge will make his decision. Let us hope the judge is a Watchmen fan because if he is he wants to see it as bad as the rest of us. I wonder if watching the movie will be one of the exhibits the jury has to see before making a decision. If so put me on that jury!

LA Times reports, "...attorneys for Fox and Warner Bros. jointly said they would let the judge decide Jan. 20 whether Fox could block the film's theatrical distribution, now scheduled for March 6..."

It would be such a shame not to release the film on its original release date. I say release the film, kick FOX to the curb and lets get on with it.

God help us all.

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