Lola's Top 10 of 2008

by Lola

I know. I know. It's kinda late. But i just watched "the wrestler" and I wanted to watch it before I made a decision. I still have yet to see "Waltz with Bashir", but a friend has it on DVD so I'll watch it later and I'm sure its really good, but I couldn't wait to write up my top 10 of last year.

#1. Milk.
It was moving, inspiring, the acting was phenomenal, it was raw and gritty and the movie just all around has great written all over it.

#2. Dark Knight.
Come on. Do you have to question why? I was watching the blu-ray just tonight and its so cool. It goes through the different action sequences and dissects them and explains how C. Nolan did it. There's a cool one on the IMAX version of the beginning heist sequence. Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker and i loved Gary Oldman and Christian Bale. The actions scenes were awese and some of the shots were breathtaking.

#3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
ben button
Before I watched it, everyone complained that it was so long, but damn it was well worth the sit. It was gorgeous! I enjoyed the acting of both main actors and the cinematography was beautiful. The story itself was so great.

#4. Doubt.
Here's the thing: you put an amazing cast together and you really can't go wrong. The stand out being Meryl Streep as an angry no nonsense nun. The story was intriguing and never boring.

#5. Slumdog Millionaire.
I heard all the buzz about it. Went in with high expectations and came out totally satisfied. It was your typical underdog story and it just builds up to this great emotional fantastic finale. It was touching and inspiring. (you'll notice with a lot of films that I watch I want to be affected in some way, but when it inspires me, you know I will like it)

#6. Wall-E.
It was full of positive, Al gore-like messages. I like Al Gore. It was touching, made a great impression, cute. Its definitely the kind of thing that needed to be portrayed on film, especially in animated form to reach out and make an impression on the little ones. Pixar honestly never disappoints and i really enjoyed the "presto" short in the beginning.

#7. Frost/Nixon.
I went into the movie thinking it was gonna be boring but turned out to be one of the more entertaining movies I saw this year. It was captivating and pretty edge of your seat. The acting from both Michael Sheen and Frank Langella was superb and honest.

#8. Tropic Thunder.
Two words: Tom Cruise. He is on a roll. Still haven't seen Valkyrie, but from what I hear, its pretty good. But he was so great in Tropic Thunder. Also you can't forget to mention Robert Downey Jr. as a black guy. Sheer genius! The movie was just hilarious from beginning to end and that's what I wanted going in so it didn't disappoint.

#9. The Wrestler
SO raw. I would almost go as far as calling it a beautiful film. Mickey Rourke will definitely get an oscar nod for this. It was gritty, emotional, sometimes hard to watch, but it was amazing.

#10. Burn After Reading
This movie was only two kinds of emotions for me: sad and funny. It's comparable to Fargo as far as the other Coen films, not as great, but still a pretty good dark DARK comedy. Brad Pitt was hilarious and Frances McDormand was stellar and I just love Tilda Swinton in almost everything she does, but especially in this and Benjamin Button.

Honorable mentions: Iron Man and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I ashamed to say I watched Hellboy 2 twice in the movie theater. Ok I mean it wasn't that bad but I know I will get crap from everyone because I watched it twice. Still I enjoyed it. Hey what can I say, sometimes I enjoy a little bit of mindless entertainment...

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