Trailer: Miss March

by Joey Paur

I got a chance to see this trailer for 'Miss March' last night when I went to go see 'The Unborn', maybe it was because it was so last and i was in the strange state of mind, but I laughed at this trailer like I have never laughed at a trailer before. Even right now after I watched it again I am thinking about it and laughing. I don't know why, it looks so stupid yet so funny. To make things even better I don't know if you have ever heard of a comedy TV show on IFC called 'The Whitest Kids You Know', but it is pretty freakin funny. I find it way more entertaining that SNL. For more information on the show look it up on you tube and watch some of their skits. Anyway, the movie stars two of the lead guys from that show Zack Cregger and Trevor Moore, which was a pleasant surprise.

The film is about a young man who awakens from a four-year coma to hear that his once virginal high-school sweetheart has since become a centerfold in one of the world's most famous men's magazines. He and his sex-crazed best friend decide to take a cross- country road trip in order to crash a party at the magazine's legendary mansion headquarters and win back the girl.

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