6 new AVATAR stills in gorgeous Hi-Res!

Here are 6 new insanely large hi-res stills from James Cameron's sci-fi epic Avatar. The three  still featuring the Na'vi are brand spanking new. But the three live action-stills we've somewhat seen before, so just "brand", not spanking new.

Alright, now look at those pictures of the Na'vi and tell me that doesn't look better than any other CGI image you've seen! It looks so good it hurts my eyes. Go ahead and zoom in... every hair, every blue skin pore looks as real as your hand in front of you. Don't deny it.

Check out the pics and let us know what you think. Clik the thumbnails for the larger image. Then click the image to take a glimpse at the detail Weta FX Studio was able to put into these characters.

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Source: SpoilerTV