Crazy Behind the Scenes Videos for Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION

The teaser trailer for Inception blew me away. There is no doubt it is going to screw with your mind. Very little details have been shared on this film, but our very own Abe Froman gave very strong theories and break down of what he thinks it is, and I think he's dead on. There is no doubt the the story takes us into the human mind, and plays around in it. The behind the scenes video below most definitely connects with this mind play. It shows a freight train barreling down the middle of the street. The whole thing looks pretty surreal. The other two clips show what seem to be a firefight, and a driving sequence.

Check out the three clips below and tell us what you think!

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 01 - Watch more free videos

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 02 - Watch more free videos

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 03 - Watch more free videos

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