TV Review: Supernatural Season 5 Episode 5 'Fallen Idol'

This weeks Supernatural starts off in Canton,Ohio with two guys admiring what seems to be James Dean's Porche "Little Bastard" and it's haunted, of course there is death and enter Dean and Sam to take a short break from their fight with Lucifer to investigate covering as Agents Bonham and Copeland.

As the two brothers investigate deeper they also meet up with Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi and of all people Paris Hilton(we told yall about this months ago) all wax figures belonging to a wax museum and now are putting up their dukes with Sam and Dean! What they find out is each figure is wearing something that belonged to the real person once and that there are untold mysteries behind some deaths.

As the epic battle rages on and there's only Paris Hilton left and she's the "baddest" of them all. She shows the brothers Winchester how badass she actually is slapping them around like rag dolls until Sam catches her off guard and.....

I'm not telling you everything! Watch it, it was a great episode, not as good as what this season has had to offer so far and not as dark but it was a welcome break from Armageddon and Lucifer!

Sam and Dean still have  trust issues but are on the same page hopefully and are in the fight for their lives.....and ours!

Supernatural airs Thursdays on The CW

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