Marvel Animations PLANET HULK Alex Ross DVD Cover and Trailer

If you're a fan of Marvels awesome animated films, and a big fan of artist Alex Ross then you're gonna love the hell out of the DVD cover for Marvel Animations next film, Planet Hulk.


This will be Marvel Animations best animated film to date. I don't know if you have seen the trailer or not but it looks incredible. I am really looking forward to seeing this one. If you're not familiar with Planet Hulk, here is a little description.

Based on Greg Pak’s comic-book storyline (Incredible Hulk issues #92 to #105), the movie begins with the Illuminati (a secret group of superheroes that includes Iron Man and Professor X) sentencing the Hulk to exile on a deserted planet because the big, green guy has become a danger to Earth. While in outer space, Hulk does what Hulk does best — gets angry — and causes his rocket to crash land on the vicious planet of Sakaar, where he is captured and eventually becomes a triumphant gladiator.

The DVD will be released on February 2nd 2010. This animated film was developed by the same guys that made The Invincible Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Hulk Vs. Which includes director Frank Paur and written by Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson. The movie looks like its going to be incredibly violent and dark, but there is a great story behind it as well. In a interview we did with Frank Paur at Comic Con he told us:

Its literally a Hulk you have never seen before in animation or feature.  I mean we really do bring the Hulk -- since the Ultimates and Hulk Vs. we really have got the entire range of the Hulk.  This is like you've never seen him before.  You seen an evolution from monster into basically a man.  When we see that he's intelligent when he's not in a rage, so its a very complex individual . . . The other shows were a lot of fun, but this is the first thinking Hulk that's ever been done.  And I just had a lot of fun putting that together with these guys because it is a new thing -- so we're breaking new ground with animation.  That's the catch in the big purple pants.

Check out the first trailer for Planet Hulk right now, and tell us what you think!

Source: USAToday

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