DVD Review: MALVOLENCE (2004)

Ok, it's the month of October (my favorite time of year/Halloween) there are great horror movies  coming at us left and right and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed here! Why you ask?  Because there's not enough freakin time to watch all this stuff dudes and dudettes! But I am watching what I can of the new and sneaking in a few of the old (my favorites). I can't let Malevolence get left out!


What Writer/Director Steven Mena has brought to us is what we are missing from the 80's genre slasher films like Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street and others, he has brought us a  killer  hiding out in the middle of nowhere waiting on unsuspecting victims! But he has thrown us a few curve balls with this great modern slasher flick.

When a group of friends go to rob a bank everything goes wrong, guns are fired and people are shot and kidnapped! So what do you do next? Well I'm not an expert on robbing banks but I'd guess that you run! So they do and where do they? The middle of freakin nowhere to an empty house and slaughterhouse in the woods! Our "crooks" meet up with someone who has already had dealings with our killer.

What takes me back with Malevolence is the way our killer stalks and preys. It reminds me of Jason or Michael Myers! Another favorite is his get up, the way he's dressed and his "potato sack mask". Not copying Jason's so much because of how he has his eye holes cut is just creepy and makes it his own! one more favorite is the great slasher music in the background, I loved it!

The curve balls I told yall about earlier is of course the film starts off as bank robbers and their getaway reminded me alot of From dusk Till Dawn! the other is we actually get to see the killer unmasked and (hold on to your britches) he's a normal looking guy! there is no deranged monster behind this mask which makes it all the more awesome to watch this "normal guy" stalk these people like he does and watching him in the background scenes is just down right creepy! the ending is just what you'd expect from this movie plus it opens up more of the story without too many scenes or words being spoken(watch and see!)

Special Features:

Audio Commentary                                               Rehearsal Footage

Back To The Slaughter House                             Trailer

Photo Gallery                                                            TV/Radio Spots

Deleted Scenes                                                          Also On DVD


Anyone who hasn't seen this movie needs to, especially this time of year! i love fact that our slashers are making a comeback finally! the NEW generation of slasher/killers are here! Expect 2 more sequels to this cool ride! Check out the trailer below!

Synopsis: Created as the middle section of a three-part trilogy, 'Malevolence' is the tragic story of a group of bank robbers on the run from the law. They hide out in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town, unaware it is next door to the home of a family of serial killers. One of their hostages escapes and runs for help, but all hell breaks loose when she runs to the "wrong" house. - Anchor Bay

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