Ian McKellen Gives an Update on THE HOBBIT and Magneto


It seems like Ian McKellen is really the only guy talking about the upcoming Hobbit film being directed by Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro has teased us with casting announcements that never happened, I'm sure he's just having a laugh, messing around with our heads. Casting announcements wont happen any time soon. McKellen recently did an interview with Empire in which he talks about where the production of the new Hobbit film currently stands, and also briefly discusses how Del Toro and Jackson are alike.

The scripts for the two films will be delivered very soon. Then they'll be budgeted, and then they'll be cast. And they'll be going when they've always said they would be, which is next spring – March or April. Guillermo even told me at one point, 'We're going to film for 383 days.' He's got that artistic autism! Jackson's the same; they're very, very, very alike. They also very different, but they've so much in common. They both can't stand Hollywood and have wonderful imaginations, and they're both obsessed with gore and fantasy. Both of them laugh a great deal. Guillermo's one of the most brilliant men I've ever met. His English vocabulary is way superior to mine!

The sure will have one hell of a shooting schedule! 383 days!? At least it going to get done, and it will get done right. I'm happy they are going to take the time they need to perfect this film. Like most of you I can't wait until we get to see the movie! Once it starts production the suspense for the release will build as more and more information starts to leak out from the production. One thing I really hope they do is  a video production journal like what Jackson did with King Kong. I guess well have to wait and see.

He also addresses the possibility of other actors and characters from from the Lord of the Rings making there way into The Hobbit films.

Unforunately, there won’t be many of the actors going back unless they’re going to put masks on and be disguised as dwarves! Andy Serkis is, at the moment, I think, the only other actor who’s doing this film.

So I guess it's not really a possibility at all anymore. That kinda sucks, but there's no doubt the film will still be great. McKellen also briefly talked about the Magneto movie saying:

There's meant to be a Magneto script floating around, but I've not read it, so I suspect it wouldn't involve me. I think it would be about the younger Magneto, and the most I could hope for would be to top and tail that. They can't have someone whose face is as lined as mine any longer!

It sucks that McKellen may not have a role in the new Magneto film, but if they are going to younger Magneto route then I can understand why. After all it will be a Origin story.

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Source: Empire

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