Todd McFarlane's new SPAWN Animated Series Details


Wouldn't it be fantastic if we really did end up seeing a new Spawn animated series!? I am a huge fan of the HBO animated series and it would be great to see some more of that. There actually was a time when a 85 min. animated Spawn film was being developed but due to legal issues the production was shut down. Recently Todd McFarlane said that a new Spawn animated series would be developed, and that we would possibly see it in 2010, but I had no idea they would pick off right where they left off on the last Spawn animated film they were developing a few years ago! According to McFarlane that is exactly what is happening. All the pre-production and leg work was already done, they just need to find an overseas animation studio to animate it. Here is what McFarlane had to say,

We developed another 85-minute, movie-length storyline, but things got complicated near the end and there were some legal issues, so it got frozen because of that. Recently, we were able to come to a compromise where everybody is happy. As a result of that, at the end of this year—as long as both parties do what they're supposed to—then all the rights come back to me. Not only do I get the rights, but I get all the work that was done, and the work is fairly extensive.

The 85 min Spawn film that was stalled had a full script, the characters were designed, the background was developed, and all of the voice recording was finished. McFarlane explains,

It stalled right at going overseas to find a studio, so it's pretty far along.

So thats how they are able to get the new animated series started by 2010. McFarlane said the question isn't whether Spawn will return with a new animated series, but whether the new Spawn series will kick off with that full, 85-minute pilot or a series of individual episodes cut from the pilot. And this time around, he hopes that the animated series will have a much better connection with a potential live-action Spawn movie.

The animated series has a lot of the same dark sensibilities as the movie I've talked about. This animated story is fairly compatible with the ideas I talked about with the movie. They would go hand-in-hand fairly well.

As for when exactly we will get to see this new project,

Arguably, January 2 I can go into Hollywood and start knocking on doors.

Are you up for a new spawn animated series?

Source: MTV

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