Fox picks up 2 Toons with Jonah Hill project and THE BRADLEYS


Fox will be adding two more shows to it's animated domination!

The network has picked up a presentation from actor/writer Jonah Hill to be produced by Peter Chernin's shingle. The untitled project centers on a 7-year-old socialite who acts and talks like an adult -- and finds himself out of his element when forced to attend public school.

The Superbad star will lend his voiceover talents to the half-hour animated show, which he'll write with Yes Man scribes Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul. The trio will executive produce the show along with Chernin and Katherine Pope set up at 20th Century Fox.


Fox is also developing a script based on Peter Bagge's graphic novel series The Bradleys which will be adapted by Bagge and Matthew Lawton(Crank Yankers).

The Bradleys was first published in the early 1980s, and was told through the eyes of teen Buddy Bradley, and centered on his dysfunctional suburban family.

Here's Amazon's review:

The Bradleys are like the Simpsons gone bad. A family of misfits, nerds, and losers, they leave a wake of disaster as they tromp through their middle-American lives. Keen wit and master of caricature Peter Bagge takes the expression of suburban angst and rage to new levels of comic cruelty with the volatile Bradley brood. As Mom goes back to work, the kids torture each other, Dad fixates on the television, and Sis pours out her heart to "Dear Diary," you'll find their folly universally, frighteningly funny.

The success of the book led to to follow-ups from Bagge like Neat Stuff and Hate. Lawton's fondness of the comic series dates back to his adolescence. He explained:

I was obsessed with Peter Bagge's comics when I was a teen. I ran away to Seattle at the age of 16, and was definitely this grumpy, disaffected punk kid.

Lawton and Bagge will meet with 20th next week to hammer out the project's storyline, and then begin the writing process. The duo will executive produce the show along with Barry Katz, Brian Volk-Weiss and Michael Pelmont.

So what do you think of Fox getting two new promising animated shows? Though both focus on young characters, they seem like they'll be quite different.

Source: Variety

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