Ryan Reynolds to play a Dude In Drag?


I have a hard time with some of the movies Hollywood is spitting out these days. This week Working Title paid a high-six-figures against seven figures for an untitled concept comedy that is described as a dude-in-drag romantic comedy. The film is being developed as a star vehicle for Ryan Reynolds who will play a jilted lover who must disguise himself as a woman and befriend his ex in order to win her back.

Someone got paid a high six figures for this idea?! An idea that's been done several times before? It's not new, there's nothing original about it! I'm confused as to why this movie is going to get made. I think Reynolds is a decent actor, and I can't understand why he would be a part of this. Maybe it's just fun for him.

Allen Loeb will write the script and he will serve as executive producer with Reynolds, who is currently shooting the indie film, Buried, and then will jump on with Warner Bros. and start filming The Green Lantern.

So what are your thoughts on this new Ryan Reynolds project?

Source: Variety

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