Summit buys Bromantic Comedy pitch WE LOVE YOU


Summit Entertainment has bought a pitch from screenwriter Alan Yang titled We Love You, a bromantic comedy that will ride the guy love... that came out wrong. I mean to say, that this comes after the success of I Love You Man, which earned $71 million domestically.

We Love You centers on two close friends who discover they're dating the same woman and the comedic and relationship consequences that ensue when they try to disentangle the situation.


Yang has writing credits on shows like South Park and Parks and Recreation(which coincidentally stars I Love You Man star Rashida Jones), and he also sold the interracial adoption comedy White Dad to Sony.

Jon Shestack(Air Force One/Dan in Real Life) will produce We Love You through his eponymous banner.

Do you remember when "bromanctic comedies" used to just be called "buddy comedies?" I think I Love You Man maybe the only exception, as it featured "man dates" and a search for a best man. Other than the love triangle aspect, not much else was revealed of the We Love You plot. Does "bros over ho's" no longer apply in this world? Is the "bro code" no longer sacred... bro?

Source: THR

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