THE MECHANIC Adds Two More Cogs

Foster Statham Sutherland

Cogs are what mechanics deal with, right? Shows how much I know about cars - but what can I say? I'm a movie lover, not a car fanatic.

Director Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) has secured two big names for the cast of his remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film, The Mechanic. We've known for a while that Jason Statham is set to play the titular lead, but now Variety reports Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland are greasing up their gears and ready to ride along with him.

Foster will play Steve McKenna, the young apprentice to Statham's hitman. Sutherland will play Foster's father and Staham's handler. Filming is set to begin sometime in the next few weeks.

For those who haven't seen the original, I thought it was mildly entertaining by today's standards. The film plays with the father/son configuration through the relationship of the novice hitman to the elder, who is known as "the mechanic," but didn't really break new ground with any of the elements it presents. I think the Ben Foster/Jason Statham combination will be fantastic on screen; I've always seen Foster as an under-appreciated force in Hollywood, and Statham's career nearly mirrors Bronson's at this stage. Sutherland is always great, and he adds an intimidating presence even in small roles, like his so-tiny-it-might-be-considered-a-cameo appearance in the 2003 Italian Job remake.

What do you think? Does this casting combo raise your interest in The Mechanic? Are you going to see the original before the remake?