Jackie Earl Haley might Play Sinestro in THE GREEN LANTERN

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According to a "pretty reliable" rumor started over at AICN, Jackie Earl Haley is up for the role of Sinesrto in the Martin Campbell directed comicbook film, The Green Lantern. Warner Bros. is currently in the process of rounding out the rest of the cast around Ryan Reynolds, who is playing Hal Jordan.

The news comes from someone that is working on the film, but there is no official confirmation, so as of right now this is just one big fat rumor. But! If the news turns out to be true... how awesome would that be!? Jackie Earl Haley as Sinesrto would be brilliant casting! Jackie is really becoming quite a successful and sought after actor in Hollywood, thats because the guy is perfect in the roles he plays.

Another rumor is that Superman might make an appearance in the movie. I wouldn't doubt that. Hell, I wouldn't doubt that more DC superheros make brief cameos in the film. Apparently it all depends on the future of the other DC comicbook film properties.

For those of you who don't know, Sinestro is an alien supervillain in the DC Comics Universe. He is the former mentor of Hal Jordan and the arch-nemesis of the entire Green Lantern Corps. To learn more about the character Click Here.

SO what do you think about the possibility of Jackie Earl Haley playing Sinestro?

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