HALO Fans! HALO WAYPOINT Xbox Live Portal Launches in Nov.


As of November 5th Halo fans will be able to access the New Halo Waypoint portal on Xbox Live. Halo Waypoint will offer a diverse selection of unique and immersive content and bring together all the goodness of the rich Halo universe in one place. It will inform fans of the latest Halo news and activities, and grant access to content ranging from interviews, trailers and screenshots, to exclusive video footage and community content that you wont find anywhere else.

Intel will contain all of the info and media-type content, while Career will house all of your achievements and track your overall progress in Halo 3, Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST. This info will then be used to determine Career Milestones and Waypoint Awards, which are obtained by hitting certain gamer score levels or unlocking particular groups of achievements across the various Halo games.

Here is a brief overview video of what Halo fans will have access to on November 5th. Enjoy!

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