David Goyer gives GHOST RIDER 2 and MAGNETO updates


Last week we reported that Columbia Pictures was planning to move forward on a Ghost Rider sequel, based on a script that writer David Goyer wrote several years ago.

When Goyer sat down with Collider today to discuss his new show Flash Forward, he was also gave an update on Ghost Rider 2, as well as the X-Men spin-off film, Magneto.

Goyer confirmed the story from last week and said Ghost Rider 2 was going to be based on his script, and reveals that it was actually written 9 years ago. He added that although he'll be busy with Flash Forward, all he has to do with the Ghost Rider script is "polish it up." The polish will essentially consist of toning down the script's R rating , as Sony wants to make the sequel PG-13. Before you weep for what could have been a proper R rated Ghost Rider film, he assures us that they "got away" with a lot in The Dark Knight, and that they will walk the same "bloody edge" for Ghost Rider 2.

I just wish they would walk the line of not having Nic Cage in it... but that's just a wish.

As for Magneto, Goyer says it's still a go, but that Fox is so busy with the several different X-Men projects that they are developing(Deadpool, First Class, Wolverine 2), that he's not quite sure when they will want to move forward with it.

Check out the full segments, and let us know what you think of David Goyer toning down  his near decade old Ghost Rider script, and if you think Magneto will ever get made.

David Goyer on Ghost Rider 2.

David Goyer on Magneto.

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